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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Automation - The Ladder Logic PLC Simulator

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Joined: 12th May 2018
Location: Nova Scotia
Posted: 9th Jan 2021 20:36 Edited at: 9th Jan 2021 20:43
Right around 3 years ago I discovered AGK2 thanks to them using the word 'sprite' in one of their adverts somewhere. The nostalgia of Action Script 3 and the fun I used to have with Flash brought me back to an old Flash project I started but never got far with as life and kids have do. But I am happy to make this the first public announcement of my game Automation. My day job is an electrical controls designer but I've always enjoyed computer programming so put the two together to make a simulator for learning actual ladder logic PLC programming. The left hand side of the screen is the ladder that you drag 'logic blocks' to program the 'machine'. You can add branches and have a complicated parallel ladder structure, all handled with what I'm calling my 'Logic Engine'.

I don't have any fancy promotional videos prepared, but here is a sample 2D level and the latest 3D level I am finishing up now. The 2D level shows the different Logic Blocks that are available as well as a control panel you can add and customize. Outside of the first level having some restrictions, the game is open-ended and you can make the machines as efficient or as clunky as you want. My wish list of features is getting lower (I just can't stop coming up with more...) and then I am absolutely going to get a playable demo out as I need help testing

Although I started out with full intention of this being cross-platform, it is now going to be a Windows release and I will see how adaptable it is to touch screens down the road. Aiming for Steam this year, I have too many other projects eating at me to let this go on much longer...

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Posted: 9th Jan 2021 20:49 Edited at: 9th Jan 2021 20:53
intriguing. and, i can't remember the last time i said that.

everything looks clean and i'm looking forward to playing with it.

congrats on this, JD. and for sorting out the youtube embeds (which i was going to fix for you after i watched them).

ps, thanks for bringing "hello world" to a new level. it's been a long time coming. and, thanks for sharing
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Joined: 12th May 2018
Location: Nova Scotia
Posted: 17th Mar 2021 01:10
Here is an updated demo showing the more or less completed flipper table level, as well as the basics in rung and branches if anyone is ever interested in learning PLCs. Currently there are 6 x 2D levels and 7 x 3D levels completed that just need lots of graphics and sound polish.

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Joined: 22nd Feb 2013
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Posted: 17th Mar 2021 19:58
That looks superb. Awesome work
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Joined: 9th Feb 2004
Location: Montreal, Canada.
Posted: 17th Mar 2021 22:05
That is seriously cool. Amazing work man!
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Joined: 17th Nov 2020
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Posted: 18th Mar 2021 12:43
It looks amazing. It been quite a while since I programmed a PLC. I'll keep an eye out for the steam release.

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