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FPSC Classic Scripts / [SOLVED] switching between multiple waypoints sets

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Joined: 11th Mar 2021
Posted: 18th Mar 2021 04:50
Desired effect.. Player approaches NPC, they have a conversation.. NPC asks if he wants to Go Out On Mission Or Train First... Player replies.. has different conversation based on answer. Then NPC leads player to the Armory where at the end of the waypoints it loads 1 of 2 scripts based on payers decision earlier... they have another Conversation and then NPC leaves and goes to the TOC (another room) Where the NPC waits while Player picks his weapons and then either goes straight the the TOC for a mission brief (3rd conversation script with no waypoints)

ISSUE NPC has conversation then follows waypoints to 2nd location at armory.. when payer approaches has 2nd conversation but then wont pick up on 2nd set of waypoint leading from armory to TOC

Ok so this is a little complicated to explain.. in simple terms I'm using a highly modified version of Storyteller's Conversation script.. My code will be added below. the first script works fine.. NPC has conversation then follows way points from his office to the Armory. and switches to 2nd conversation script as designed.. but after conversation finishes he does not follow 2nd set of way points to the TOC.. I've also tried joining the waypoint sets and tried making all one string waypoints.. nothing works.

So the possible ways i can think of do it would be:

1.. Delete the first set of waypoints when he finishes following them. or when 2 script loads

2.. Give the 2 sets of waypoint unique names and specify in each script..

3.. make it all one long set waypoints and make him stop at a particular waypoint, have the conversation then continue along the way points and would probably have to combine both FPIs in to one


Conversation Part 1

Conversation Part 2

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Joined: 11th Mar 2021
Posted: 18th Mar 2021 15:36
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Posted: 18th Mar 2021 21:33 Edited at: 18th Mar 2021 21:39
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PsyCohPatee Hi and welcome Waypoints can not be deleted in game or switch names...etc etc But.... there's always a work around
Yes, waypoints can be stopped and started, but not sure how you gave waypoints a name ??? Here's what you could try and see if it works.
After the "First" points are done, have the character move to a "target" entity placed on the start of the "Next" waypoints to follow.
Use the commands "settargetname=x, settarget, then movetotarget=x and lastly "reachtarget"
Once the character reaches its target you can start the next waypoint ( they do need to be a ways apart from each other to work properly)
The entity can be anything dynamic, even like a key ( you get the gist) and placed right on top of the next waypoint marker.
Now I have never done this, but have similar things. That's part of the fun in fpsc, seeing what you can do & get to work with scripting

Edit: looking at the script from Storyteller I recall something, been awhile, but I wonder if he use only waypoint single makers.
As in not attached to the next waypoint. If you laid out correctly they just might follow one to the next?
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Joined: 11th Mar 2021
Posted: 19th Mar 2021 02:54
Made a quick testing map with 3 rooms and a hallway... and i think that might just be the solution... so i have NPC located in his office where he waits for payer... player arrives NPC talks, welcoming payer to the team, then follows waypoint to just inside the next room, the armory, then after last way point use movetotarget to move away from 1st set of waypoints and closer to 2nd set of waypoints... then switch to 2nd or 3rd conversation script, this conversation depends on payers choice in 1st conversation, at end of conversation, he follows 2nd set of waypoints to 3rd room where he waits for player to arrive and begins mission briefing.. player can pick some weapons and either go straight to the briefing or go to the shooting range before going to the briefing... it worked on small scale.. about to go try to implement it in my map... thank you

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