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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Global Stats on Steam

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Posted: 7th Apr 2021 09:04 Edited at: 7th Apr 2021 09:56
Hi All,

I understand how I'm going to implement user stats in Steam for Aquillanto (for progression based achievements) but curious about global stats. I can see that it might be useful as a developer to see how many people started each of the game levels and how many people completed each of the levels to get a picture of any difficulty bottlenecks and simply to see what type of level appeals to players most. So... question to those who have released a game on Steam... Did you track global stats just for your/internal benefit? And does anyone know if you can see the global stat values from the Steamworks backend? I can't see how so it looks like I'll have to code a global stat viewer into the game (hidden) which is a bit weird!

Edit: Also it looks like there's no way of resetting global stats... so no way you can test and go back to zero? Anyone else found this?

AQUILLANTO - A side-scrolling platformer with super tight controls, 3 worlds to explore, hordes of monsters and a quest... Inspired by games on the Amiga computer


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