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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [ANNOUNCEMENT] AGK Showcase Rules

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Posted: 22nd Jun 2021 17:32 Edited at: 4th Oct 2021 18:39
Have an AppGameKit Game, Tool or Utility to share with the Community?

Please do, with the following in mind:
  • The Project MUST be your own Creation.
  • The term AppGameKit refers to AppGameKit 2 or AppGameKit Studio.
  • The Project MUST be made with AppGameKit or for use with AppGameKIt.
  • WIP Projects are welcome if they include at least moderate development of its core functionality.
  • Do NOT post or make available any Media that you do not have the right to use or distribute.
  • Any Media not created by you should be properly Credited within the thread itself.

Your First Post when creating a Showcase thread must include a Description of the project and at least 1 Screenshot or Video demonstrating its current level of development.

You should expect:
  • Constructive Comment and Critique.
  • Posts MUST remain On-Topic, and are subject to moderation should any mod consider it necessary.
  • All other aspects of the AUP to remain in effect.

If your AppGameKit Project is complete or nearing so, please consider adding it to the AGK Showcase (the actual Showcase, not this Board)

Doing so qualifies you for the AGK Developer Badge:

For Developers who've Published a Game in a recognized market:

For AGK Toolmakers who've Published a recognized Tool or Application:

PM/Contact an active Moderator to Request appropriate Badges (& include link(s)).

Whenever possible, It's suggested that you Export your project to HTML and upload it to a site such as where we would be able to run your project without the need to install. While there, make sure to include AppGameGame metadata (under Engines & tools) so that's it's easily discoverable for those interested while promoting other AppGameKit projects, as well.
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