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FPSC Classic Showcase / Stalking: The Cold War Firts person Shooter

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Joined: 28th Jul 2017
Posted: 4th Jul 2021 21:26 Edited at: 4th Jul 2021 21:27
This is my first game in FPSC, its called STALKING THE COLD WAR.
its ambiented in 1989 in East Berlin, the German Democratic Republic refuses to rejoin with West Germany and the Soviets are building a new Nuclear weapon in a bunker in the outskirts of East Berlin,. You
are Karl Muller, an West German that works for the CIA and you must infiltrate in East Berlin and Discover what they are planning
The game have 6 Mission

-Berlin Wall
-East Berlin Streets
-STASI headquarters
-Soviet Bunker infiltration
-Soviet Bunker escape
-Escaping East Berlin

You will fight againts Greenztruppen (Berlin Wall border troops), Volkspolizei and Soviet Spetsnaz


The Download is in the trailer description


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