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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / island survival clicker game

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Joined: 5th May 2021
Posted: 31st Jul 2021 21:49 Edited at: 31st Jul 2021 21:50
i wanted to test making a gui/db based app/game using agk, it has buttons scrollers,lists and a few databases.

it is a clicker game with crafting, resource gathering.

it hasnt been play tested and i dont know what design/blancing shod i do, i also need to improve the ending screen for estetics

hers the source code:

one strange thing happed on my doogee s60 (android) the apk didnt run at api 29 and when i signed it with a keystore (generated by the agk ide) it said im an "untrusted developer" (how rude).

ayway tell me what you think, what to improve any feature request?

one request i already got is to add an info btn for each crafting item so the player can see its requirements and cost.

plus i dont know if players will learn how to play it fast, i wrote instructions.

and when i have time i want to document my code on the git wiki, i tried making it modular and easy to expand (if anyone cares to take a look at the code and give thier opinion).
Virtual Nomad
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Joined: 14th Dec 2005
Location: SF Bay Area, USA
Posted: 1st Aug 2021 02:58
i've d/l'd the exe and reviewed some of the instructions, so far. with that, take a look at this simple snippet and consider using SetTextScissor() vs (what appears to be) SetViewOffset() to scroll where, as is, the buttons and all are shifting.

otherwise, the obligatory screenshot:

and, consider exporting this to HTML so we can see this progress without having to download each time?

meanwhile, the premise looks promising. will keep an eye on this

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Joined: 5th May 2021
Posted: 1st Aug 2021 13:30 Edited at: 1st Aug 2021 13:39
Virtual Nomad- i think i tried SetTextScissor (did some research) i think it didnt work, i will test it again i looked at your code and it looks nice (ill try it ).

and no i didnt use SetViewOffset i ported a simpler version of an as 3 scroller(with no scroolbar that will need more math and im lazy):

ye it havily uses my framework, i will need to write a documentation for that.

html? gladly but how do i save json files on local storage/cookies? is there a way to communicate with custom js? i saw a hack to send data with messge(), how do i get data back to agks js?
with js opendb i can even use sql (websql whatever they call that).
my game has a ton of data to save.
i can hack my way using "shared vars" agk funcs, will take time and wont be fun, if anyone has a better way please share it with me.
would be a shame to make a html5 version with no prograss save.

oh and i forgot to menthion: i used this post to packge my game to one exe, dosnt protect the resources but 90% of players wont get to them (and those that do wont be stoped by almost anything).

also i wanna show you my itch io trafic:
its nice for free trafic,but its kinda a one time thing(they wont be happy if i post again) and i got downvoted on the reddit incremental games sub...its nice to see people supporting indie devs that make free games.


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Joined: 5th May 2021
Posted: 1st Aug 2021 19:47
ok html5 version is up, as i suspected i had to deal with SharedVariables and turning arrays to strings and spliting strings to arrays....i prefer the"jsonfile.json") becuse im lazy. but it couldent be helped.
i also changed stuff reddit users asked for(cheaper upgrades a spear and a fast auto clicker).

again if anyone has an idea, advice, criticism feel free to speak your mind.

and i would definitely document my code once it matured a bit.

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