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Android / Link to check your app content info on Google Play

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Posted: 28th Oct 2021 23:25 Edited at: 28th Oct 2021 23:27
A lot of rules regarding security, permissions, and ads have changed in the past year. The link below will take you directly to a content overview page so that you can check all of your apps to make sure everything is up to date and compliant. Just replace [DeveloperAccountID] with your Dev acct ID number.[DeveloperAccountID]/app/app-content/summary

If you enter your dev id correctly, you will get a menu of your apps like the one below. Click an app and it will bring you to a list of all the content information that you need in order to keep your apps current and in compliance.

LynxJSA's web games/quizzes - LynxJSA's Android apps
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