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FPSC Classic Product Chat / My very long and pointless rant about everything everyone already knows

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Posted: 14th Nov 2021 08:12 Edited at: 24th Nov 2021 03:44
Edit: deleted rant because the answers to most of the questions can be found in the files, the files themselves are great examples. I only wish there were an extensive description on code structure and how to calculate things. Because there are commands in the files that are in the syntax list that don't seem to function, and there are commands not in the syntax list that do function such as in the .fx files if seems to be a command and viewport seems to be the camera itself.
We have all the syntax but not much information on how it works which leaves us trying every possible combination until we find codes that work together. It's almost as if the engine doesn't know how to think, only what to think.

An example is it seems impossible to give it a script of commands that are the same and have it decide which one to execute whether you tell it how to decide or not, it can't decide. It executes the first command linked to a variable and stops thinking. Like I can't tell it to do this unless something else is the case and it actually calculate whether or not the unless is true.
Anyway, end of rant

BUT here's a free modeling tip for any newcomers: for outside levels especially.
Your models can be extremely low poly and still look amazing if you're textures are good.
A wall of an outside building can be nothing but a giant brush with a texture on it. For those who are not familiar with brushes, a brush is a plane or a box with a material assigned to it. You can create a huge 60x60 room using only 5 brushes plus floor tiles. Whereas if you make a huge wall out of segments it's going to be 1 brush per segment multiplied by units high.
Nuff said.
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