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Joined: 1st Oct 2021
Posted: 29th Nov 2021 20:29 Edited at: 29th Nov 2021 20:34
Hello everyone! I present to you the car physics editor for App Game Kit. I wrote the program for my project and decided to share it with you. The program will allow you to create any classic vehicle on two wheels. I also share with you the source code of the project. And you will be able to adjust the program for yourself. Sorry, the code is very dirty. Since I was in a hurry for the sake of my project about buses. There are few comments in the code. Sorry for the bad English.


1. Make a scale of your pictures and put them in a folder "media"
2. The name of the picture with the body - body.png , wheels : b_wheel.png - rear wheel, f_wheel.png - front wheel
3. Run the program (by default, the physics scale is not touched, it is 0.2, to set your scale, change the pScale variable at the beginning of the code)
4. Customize the physics to your liking
5. Click save. A notepad will open with the code of your car. Copy it into your program.

Video demonstration:

The editor is very primitive, but I hope it will be useful to you. There is also a speedometer template for Photoshop in the gui folder.

Link to the author from where I downloaded the tractor image:


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Location: SF Bay Area, USA
Posted: 29th Nov 2021 21:34 Edited at: 29th Nov 2021 21:34
looks good, Azamaticon. i like the code generation idea but i can't get my tractor to move more than ~1 mph!

i'll keep playing with it, tho. i'll prolly try to copy your settings in the vid

thanks for sharing!
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Joined: 1st Oct 2021
Posted: 30th Nov 2021 16:12 Edited at: 30th Nov 2021 16:15
Quote: "but i can't get my tractor to move more than ~1 mph!"

Thanks! It is enough just to set the friction of the wheels to 10 and the tractor will go very fast.
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Posted: 3rd Dec 2021 16:30
That is awesome ..... seriously awesome, nice work and thanks for sharing.
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