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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Heavy Metal Poster Pack! Free!!!

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Joined: 6th Dec 2019
Posted: 5th Dec 2021 16:38

I hope this is ok...
After all the help I have recieved from ya'll I decided to give back by sharing my awesome poster pack!

Further immortalizing legends? There's no reason anyone should mind

Includes 48 Posters
You can use any image you choose.
To add more simply place your .dds texture in the
directory containing the poster entity.

To Install:
Simply unzip the archive and drop this folder
into your entity bank.

To Select A Poster:
Open the poster in FPSC,
Right click on the poster, you will see "texture |"
simply change the number to select your poster.

Long Posters are numbered 1 - 34 .dds
Square Posters are numbered 1 - 4 .dds
Wide Posters are numbered 1 - 10 .dds

When you add more, to keep it uniform and simple, I suggest naming
new images as the next number in line
Actress/model/musician/ & now a game dev


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