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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Newbie :) Here I am.

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Joined: 4th Dec 2021
Posted: 6th Dec 2021 18:58
Hey folks,
I'm xhnnsx from germany, totally new to AGK. I started looking into gamedev years ago but never finished a project and i don't know why It was like "game-engine-hopping". Now i'm here and i wanna stay
So what ist the best way to start learning AppGameKit? I just bought the book "Hands On AppGameKit Studio Tutorial Guide Vol #1". Is there also like a practical way of getting used to AppGameKit?
So many questions

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Posted: 6th Dec 2021 19:26 Edited at: 6th Dec 2021 19:38
welcome, xhnnsx.

the books are good reference.

also make sure to review this Resource Directory which has links to youtube tutorials and some other items to help familiarize you with AppGameKit which i think is key. ie, get familiar with the tools in the box, then make something(s) with them

if you have an idea of something "simple" to make for your first project, take some notes on commands that you think would help as you skim through the command sets.

generally, there is more than one way to skin the proverbial cat. example, i can think of at least 4 ways to make said cat jump from box to box to avoid said skinning, and none of them are necessarily better than the others so it comes down to the nuances that each method brings and your personal preference of those.

note: no cats were harmed during the development of the above suggestion
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Joined: 9th Mar 2015
Location: London UK
Posted: 6th Dec 2021 21:30
Welcome to the wonderful world of AGK.

Best way to start is read the book and do the youtube tutorials, pretty much follow the advice of the cat skinner
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Joined: 2nd Jun 2020
Posted: 6th Dec 2021 23:23
I will say this

I looked at just about everything and appgamekit is the best for making and coding games.

There is nothing better for computers and phones.

If you learn this you can make just about anything.
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Joined: 17th Nov 2020
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Posted: 9th Dec 2021 04:48 Edited at: 9th Dec 2021 04:49
I started by watching Ricks youtube videos. The first bit of programming I did was load a background and then start moving a sprite around with the mouse and then just kept adding to it!

I have used many languages over the years but AppGameKit for me is the most intuitive and I had a fully functional game within a few days. I'm not sure if I will ever completely finish a project though as I'm constantly tweaking.

Good luck, I'm sure you will enjoy AppGameKit as much as I have and the Digital Skills books are a great reference.
Steve Ancell
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Joined: 16th Feb 2006
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Posted: 9th Dec 2021 19:55

Have fun and don't be afraid to try experimenting, you cannot break anything by doing so, you will always learn something new all the time no matter how advanced you get. I learned AppGameKit just by tinkering around with it.
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Joined: 21st Feb 2020
Location: Australia
Posted: 9th Dec 2021 22:27
Also, people here have uploaded many examples of code that you could study and play with. Have fun getting creative.
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Joined: 12th May 2018
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Posted: 9th Dec 2021 23:47
I second @Zaxxan 's comment about getting something to move with the mouse and keep adding from there.

And whatever you write starting out, you will end up changing and re-writing as you figure out more tools along the way.
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Joined: 8th Sep 2002
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Posted: 12th Dec 2021 08:19
Start small getting to know the basics then go from there, there is nothing more off putting than typing in Hello world then thinking about writing the next GTA game
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Posted: 6th Feb 2022 03:21 Edited at: 6th Feb 2022 03:23
These helped me a lot
So simple, fun and straight forward

[video=youtube] [/video]

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