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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / If Object exist parameter, Any Object possible?

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Posted: 15th Dec 2021 11:06 Edited at: 15th Dec 2021 16:39
I'm trying to tell the engine that if a polygon exists regardless of type or name, then for this specific function it's ID is i
Is this even possible?

If object exist
then objectID = i

To get down to it, I'm working with dark occlusion, is there a way to make it consider any mesh even if not loaded as an object to be occluded by any other mesh object?
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Posted: 5th Jan 2022 20:56
I just noticed this post 3 weeks after. Sorry if you've moved on.

DIM ObjectID(MaxObjects)

By creating arrays, we can attach any type of information to an object.
This is what I use.... many others use DATA TYPES instead or a combination of both.

See: Help/principals/1%20datatypes%20and%20variables.htm in your Darkbasic folder.

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