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Code Snippets / Amazing fully automated Animation Loading and Playback

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Posted: 9th Feb 2022 20:34 Edited at: 15th Feb 2022 17:53
Hi there!

The only two lines of code I used:


For my personal use I created some functions that fully automize and give an awful lot of additional features and flexibilty regarding animations.
I made them compatible with html (by implementing string functions instead of folder functions) and also compatible with spritesheets.
I used those functions to create all the animations for this game here with only a few lines of code!

If you use those functions you can very quickly load animations to sprites, to an entire group array of sprites, and animate those sprites starting with any frame you want, or with random offsets, to create more diversity to your animations!
All done with a few lines!
I share those functions so that anyone else who wants to significantly reduce their coding and developing time when writing scripts can use them.
If ever they happen to be useful to you, feel free to let me know.

First I will give a description of all of the functions.
Then some examples so you get a better feeling about what you can do with it.
After that I list a few important particularities.
And then at the bottom of the thread I pasted the function code itself that you can load into your project to use it if you like.

Descriptions of the functions:

Examples for clarity:
Sprite images used in the referenced folder for the first 4 examples (Screenshot of folder: "media/Animations"):

Example 1: LoadAnimation()
(Animating a single sprite at 1 FPS)

Code used:

Example 2: LoadGroupObjectListOffset()
(Selecting sprites 6 to 10 in the animation group, animating at 1 FPS, starting with a frame offset of 3 (so with frame 4 which is purple) )

Code used:

Example 3: LoadGroupObjectListRandomOffset()
(Selecting sprites 1 to 5 in the animation group, animating at 1 FPS, starting with random offsets from random frame on)

Code used:

Example 4: SetAnimationFolder()
(select default animation folder that is automatically added to the image path. Used in combination with example 3)

Code used:

Example 5: Spritesheet example: LoadGroupAnimationSS() and PlayGroupAnimationRandomOffset():
(Loading a spritesheet to a group of sprites as animation and play them at 5 FPS from a random frame offset on)

Spritesheet used: 'list2.png' in the media folder:

Code used:


Important particularities with the script:

1) When working with HTML, you need to pay attention to upper and lower case when giving your image path, otherwise it will crash.
2) To make it compatible with html I use a lot of string functions, which takes more time than using AGKs folder functions to load images. It's probably best to load your animations once in the beginning of the game for that reason.

3) How it works: You only need to give the main name of the image. The function automatically imports all images as an animation, and automatically recognizes the picture format ("png","jpg" or "bmp").
E.g.: In your folder "media/Animations/" you have the images "walk_main_001.png" to "walk_main_023.png". When loading you only reference "Animations/walk_main_" as the image name, and the function automatically imports all those images for you!
The images are recognized if they start either with 0 or 1. It recognizes up to four decimals for the numerization(e.g. "walk_main_0001.png" or "walk_main_01.png" both work)
4) The functions automatically checks if any image has already been loaded into cache and re-uses it, so you don't use up space by loading images multiple times
5) After each use of any animation loading function, the error mode gets set to error mode 2. If you wish to have a different error mode, you need to set it after you're finished loading all animations.

Full raw Code to copy and paste into your projects:

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