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AGK Developer
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Joined: 26th Jul 2018
Posted: 15th Mar 2022 15:33
Olaf was an 8-bit game released for the Amstrad computer in 1992. I wanted to pay tribute to its creator: Mr. Alain Massoumipour alias Poum, who has since died. Unconsciously, it is thanks to him that I know how to code and produce video games.
My game olaf is not a clone but is strongly inspired by it. You must take with the sphere the blue cubes while you
helping with the stop block.The ESC key resets the current level, space for the choice of the object and the four keys
arrows for moving. There are 10 levels to solve, some quite easy and others less but all have their solution.
The game comes with the source code for the community. Have a good game! Translated text with Google.


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Virtual Nomad
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Location: SF Bay Area, USA
Posted: 20th Mar 2022 03:08 Edited at: 20th Mar 2022 03:26
another nice puzzle game, patrick.r

this might be my favorite of yours with the "co-op" notion

currently on level 4 and enjoying it.

thanks for sharing!

and, thanks Mr. Massoumipour!

btw, if you Discord, you'd be more than welcome here:


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