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AppGameKit Studio Chat / 3D Tutorials Trailer!

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Joined: 4th Mar 2022
Posted: 7th Apr 2022 03:08 Edited at: 7th Apr 2022 03:44
Here is a trailer for my next installment of tutorials!

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Joined: 3rd Dec 2008
Location: The Netherlands
Posted: 11th Apr 2022 13:58
Looks great. Good luck!
Regards Sph!nx
Dark_ITheI _Angel
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Joined: 3rd Sep 2002
Posted: 8th May 2022 00:15 Edited at: 8th May 2022 00:19
Thats good news, this program is really lacking 3d tutorials, no wonder not much nice things comes out when people habe a hard time finding lern material....keep it up!

Edit: just realised i subbed to your channel,thanks to you i was able to make a camera movement (am not a programmer!) , your content ia really good.
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Joined: 14th Nov 2012
Location: Amsterdam
Posted: 11th May 2022 20:28
It would help me enormously to understand how you mapped the gun image to the gun object...
What does your PNG file look like and how did you know that it should be that way?
Would love to see your tutorials.

I do loadimage as well, but cannot figure it out

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