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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Restart joystick detection

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Posted: 8th Jun 2022 14:11 Edited at: 8th Jun 2022 14:13
Hi, I'm trying to get my old game working with Steam Remote Play Together. SRPT only allows you to add players to the session after the game has been launched, but for AppGameKit apps this means that joystick detection most likely is already performed and no new joysticks will be added after this meaning that no players can join. I would like to be able to control joystick detection so that I could maybe once per second while in game -lobby try to detect new joysticks. This is something I would like to request as a new feature, so following the rules I would like to discuss it here first.

EDIT: I'm also trying to achieve this with the old AGK2C, but I'm having troubles compiling the Interpreter from source. This would still be a very nice feature for AGK2S to have seeing that SRPT is really taking off, lots of games are using this now making it easier to make indie titles with online play.

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