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AppGameKit Studio Chat / AGK STUDIO constantly tries to broadcast

Mark Garrett
Reviewed AGK on Steam
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Joined: 10th Jul 2005
Location: California, US
Posted: 19th Jun 2022 04:40 Edited at: 29th Jun 2022 18:09
AppGameKit STUDIO constantly tries to broadcast my game, but I do not want to broadcast it, I just want to run it on my PC to see what it looks like. How do I turn off the Broadcast function?

Also, same thing is happening with my 'APP Game KIt CLassic'

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AGK Developer
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Joined: 17th Nov 2020
Location: England
Posted: 19th Jun 2022 14:40
It says unconnected so why do you think it is trying to broadcast?

To turn off or on just click the 'Broadcast' icon on your menu bar
Dark Raven
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Joined: 27th Jul 2014
Location: United States
Posted: 20th Jun 2022 01:53
Are you debugging cause that is the window that comes up first when you hit the debug button. When I hit the run button it immediately displays the app but when the debug button is pressed it opens that window before loading the app. When I pressed the broadcast button it does nothing unless I'm broadcasting to my phone.
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Joined: 29th Nov 2011
Location: India
Posted: 28th Jun 2022 07:35
Please also copy media files with exe and then run on another pc. I think you only copy the exe file one.

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