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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Is there a limit to how many audio files can be playing at once?

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Joined: 21st May 2022
Posted: 28th Jul 2022 19:09
I've got an idea! Run with me on this:

A standard music media player plays whatever files or streaming you have access to. You select what you want to listen to (or hit shuffle), and the player plays it. Most media players have a playlist feature where you can throw different songs together to play in a certain order (or again, hit shuffle on it). Basically, a media player only plays what you tell it to play when you tell it to play it.

But what I want to create is a media player that simulates FM radio. I've got 1000+ mp3 music files (and I often find myself spoiled for choice). So I want to arrange them into "stations" such as a country station, alternative, metal, Celtic, classical, soft rock, pop, you get the idea. I haven't actually put pen to paper on the design of this thing, but my idea is to get the program to select several songs from several genres and play them simultaneously. But turn the volume on all of them to 0 except for whatever "station" I'm "tuned" into. Whenever a song ends, whether I'm actually listening to it or not, it simply selects another song from the same genre and starts it. I'm free to jump from station to station whenever I want, but there's always that element of surprise that "oh, I haven't heard this song in a while" and also no commercials or annoying DJs.

So I've got two questions:
1. Is there a limit on how many audio files can be playing at once. Yes, I can just experiment to find this out, but what I really want to ask is...

2. Does anyone know, or has anyone experimented with the performance load something like this can have on an Android system? I've browsed the tutorials and the command library. Sometimes I'll see little tips on conserving resources on a mobile system. Things like how cutting down the frame rate and limiting the number of arrays will conserve battery life. But I don't think I've seen any tips regarding audio commands. Any ideas?

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