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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Move a square of points around with the mouse

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Posted: 23rd Sep 2022 02:00
Hey there!

My math is terrible and I'm having trouble calculating moving a set of points around some distance from the mouse.

Imagine I have a square in the center of the screen using the DrawBox function, what i'd like to achieve is when I click and drag inside the bounds of the box, I should be able to drag the box around while it maintains it's shape.

I wrote a distance function to get the distance from the mouse position some point. This seems to work, but I think I'm missing an variable in the calculation because when I click on the box it expands.

Some of the code snippets I've used are:
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Posted: 23rd Sep 2022 03:44 Edited at: 23rd Sep 2022 03:48
not following your snippets or how they do what you need but, 1 way:

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