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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / [SOLVED] Trying to find best DBPro solution

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Posted: 2nd Oct 2022 17:44 Edited at: 2nd Oct 2022 17:57
Hi all,
these days I'm trying to install the various available versions of Dark Basic Pro on a new PC.
I have done a lot of performance tests between the various versions and it is quite disturbing to see so many differences between one version and another.

I noticed, that with version 1.071 I got a much higher framerate, both in the compile phase and in the frames per second of the game, compared to version 1.077 or version

Unfortunately my main version (1.071), the one used in the main pc I have, has been subject to continuous additions and I am no longer able to replicate it in other computers and moreover, it makes the game go much faster than in the other versions but 5 times out of 10 the exe fails to run .... (in different pc the exe will fail 5 times of 10 too)

So in a new computer I can get the DB PRO to work which produces perfect exe files but is slow!

So I tried, on a new pc, to install the DBProFreeInstaller251111 version which (** theoretically **) should be version 1.071 .. but I can't know which certificate to put to make it work !!.
The link from which I downloaded it is this:

Please tell me which is the fastest and most performing version of DBPro? what update to run and could you give me the links to download it?


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Joined: 26th Oct 2002
Location: Rama spaceship
Posted: 3rd Oct 2022 18:18
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Ok guys, here my personal BESTE PERFORMANCE DBPro configuration (so and so 40% faster than other versions both in compilation than in FPS) :

1) Install DBProFreeInstaller251111.exe (put the certificate!)

2) Add synergy_editor_v1.1_2013.12.12 (and configure where the compiler is)

3) Add D3DFunc v3.7.1

4) Add update DBProUpdate-U77

5) Add update DBPro9Ex_v1009

You will obtain Dark Basic Professional 9Ex - Version
Build date 2017-06-04

Now my compiled exe is always working and with a maximum compilation and execution speed.
No other version achieves these performances in all my tests.

I am happy, I get the best solution to continue to use DBPro

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