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Windows / Windows Resolution

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Joined: 29th Nov 2011
Location: India
Posted: 4th Nov 2022 04:27
Is that possible to change windows current resolution 1600x900 to change 1024x768 with AppGameKit and then program closed .
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Joined: 9th Mar 2015
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Posted: 13th Nov 2022 19:09
once upon a time games would set the resolution they required with "ChangeDisplaySettings" but developers seemed to step away from that tactic in recent years, a lot of people get upset when an app changes a local setting, ChangeDisplaySettings can be set to make the change temporary and revert once the app or game exits but if it crashes it fails to revert, to achieve this from AppGameKit you will need a plugin or use tier 2.
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Joined: 23rd Mar 2005
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Posted: 25th Nov 2022 15:16
No., the way that Windows 10 / 11 works (DXGI) is that it will ALWAYS run in your Display' Native Resolution for the Display Connection.
Windows / Applications will then create a Surface that they can render whatever the Desktop Resolution is to., and then Applications on the Desktop will Render to a Surface (Image) that in-turn is a Virtualised Resolution.

For example... I have a 2160p Display., I literally must ALWAYS run it in 2160p as the Output Resolution; I don't have a choice in this.
So, let's say that I change my Desktop Resolution down to 1080p; well it'll STILL be outputting at 2160p to the Display; the Desktop will simply be Scaled to the output Resolution.

Of course, we can change the Desktop Resolution; albeit a little more difficult to do that with AppGameKit as we have no direct DLL Access, but there is a PowerShell command do it (see: Microsoft Documents) that we can run as an External Application.
Still, this won't change your Display Resolution., not unless you're on Windows 8.1 or earlier.

Now I'd argue it sounds like you just want to use Fullscreen Mode for your Display... this will expand the App Window to the entire Screen, and then whatever Resolution you've set will be the Fullscreen Virtual Resolution.

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