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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / 3D Point Light Shadow Shader

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Joined: 10th Nov 2008
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Posted: 22nd Feb 2023 16:43 Edited at: 22nd Feb 2023 16:46
So i made a Point Light shader a few years ago but i never posted the code and that changes with this post.

Example Project
3D Point Light Shadow

It supports only one light no sun no nothing.
I posted it like it is so you have something to work with and a chance figure out the rest.
The Color comes from the PointLight that is build into AppGameKit but you have to pass and update the position and range to the shader.
For more lights you would need to render more cubemaps(equrectangular maps might might be usefull here too) and pass them to the shader (preferably combined in one texture to save texture stages) and add a for loop in the shader and so on.
You can shoot balls and place the light with a press of the pointer.
I invite you to try it and post your findings.



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Posted: 22nd Feb 2023 18:19
Thank you mr Janbo I will make good use of this.

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Posted: 26th Mar 2023 15:53

Thank you.
It's vey interesting.
AGK2 tier1 -

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