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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Export blender to agk with object color

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Joined: 17th Feb 2014
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Posted: 22nd Mar 2023 16:16

If you are interested to know how to export from blender (<= 2.79) to agk with color, in a style of "low poly", like that :

(Object is from kenny site :

In blender (<=2.79, because we use the internal renderer for the parameters), you should :
- set the material to "shadeless" for each material/objects.
- select all objects you want to export
- In the Render properties expand the Bake section and set bake to Vertex Color
- Click Bake
- export the selected objects (.dae or .x)
- open your file in agk

et voilĂ 

I hope this is usefull

AGK2 tier1 -


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Posted: 22nd Mar 2023 18:50
Sweet! I will have to try this
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Posted: 23rd Mar 2023 14:55 Edited at: 23rd Mar 2023 15:05
not trying to steal your thread here but convenient place to add this. I wrote a blender plugin for 2.79 just put it in the blender addon folder and hit play/run an watch the magic happen you may have to update the path to your agk install player.exe to be able to run have it auto run on line 641 and compile. Scene must be in object mode to export if export fails its possible you may have to reset the scene with ctrl z undo to last state.


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