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AppGameKit Studio Chat / [SOLVED] return must be fallowed by a new line?

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Joined: 26th Jun 2020
Posted: 15th Apr 2023 16:37

this code is telling me that return must be fallowed by a new line but as far as i can tell my code is correct

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James H
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Posted: 15th Apr 2023 18:37 Edited at: 15th Apr 2023 18:38
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return is for subroutines, for a function you just add the variable after "endfunction" which means calling the function like so; variable=functionname()
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Posted: 15th Apr 2023 20:22
thank you!
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Posted: 15th Apr 2023 21:48
ExitFunction [Return Variable] for Mid-Function Returns
EndFunction [Return Variable] for End-of-Function Returns

You can also alternatively use "Ref" to use the Imported Variable "as-is" rather than the Function creating a copy of it

Now we can define a Program Label with the ":" Operation at the end of a Variable Name.

This isn't to be confused with when you use it with a space

myLabel :

As this will mean "New Line" instead of defining a Label

Now with a Program Label we can either GoTo [Label] which will continue the program at that Label., or if we add a Return... i.e.

myLabel: : Print( "This Prints when I call GoSub myLabel" ) : Return

Then we can use the GoSub, and when it reaches the Return., it will go back to where the GoSub was called from and continue on
Now as a note., we can ONLY use these in #Include or Main Source... and we also can't use them within Functions., as Labels are ALWAYS Globally defined rather than Locally defined (as is the case in C/C++)
So in situations where you _wouldn't_ traditionally use labels to bounce around code... you HAVE to use Functions instead.

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