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Dark GDK / Bending Sprites C++ Inline Assembly Language

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Joined: 16th Apr 2022
Posted: 17th Apr 2023 06:16
Hi All

I currently started reusing DarkGDK for development and now only 1 task is missing bending live sprites does anybody know a good bending sprite plugin made out of assembly language?

If so you would be solving literally the last big hurdle I have using this engine.
Kevin Picone
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Posted: 25th Apr 2023 05:24
what kind of blending ?

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The Tall Man
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Posted: 26th Apr 2023 00:28 Edited at: 26th Apr 2023 00:30
One work-around would be to pre-render the different variations of your sprite into frames, then show the appropriate frame for the given situation.

But if you're looking for a more physics-based approached that can really adapt to a variety of situations, who's unique combinations would be way too numerous to use pre-rendered frames, I would suggest using an open-source version of DarkGDK. It was written in C++ too, so there's no need for inline assembly unless you're just looking for speed. You can, running in debug mode, step into some of the sprite handing functions and find your way around the relevant source code. Then create and add whatever additional functions you need to your copy of DarkGDK itself.

You can download the source-code here (the second post):
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