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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Offer my game in open source for the community

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Joined: 17th Feb 2014
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Posted: 24th May 2023 16:55

I would like to offer in open source some of my games (with full code source and medias), to thank you TGC for this so beautiful tool which is AppGameKit, and to thanks the AppGameKit community.

The games I will probably send on github (games will be open source, in GPL) :


- Towerbots : game ok, completed.
Full version with source code, media...

- FightFortress : game ok, completed
Full version with source code, media...

NOT finished :
- Clash of bots (not finished) : version with source code, media...

- fantasy pet city
Not finished but functionnal, version with source code, media..

But I don't want that my game and media, code will be used by IA or in NFT, how can I do to protect my open source project from that ?
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Posted: 25th May 2023 01:45 Edited at: 25th May 2023 01:56
hey, Blendman.

a very generous offer as the MANY hours of work you've put into these projects is apparent.

i've moved this to Chat (from Showcase) as it seems to be a slightly premature announcement potentially hinging on "protecting" it which, IMHO, is impossible.

my first thought is to showcase the work as you've done and allow interested parties to contact you and "formally" agree to any conditions that you may have while offering their means to meet them. after that, it would come down to trust.

alas, no one can fully protect anything that's shared in any form or your concerns, well, wouldn't be concerns

so, i see 2 (other) options: 1) post it on github or the like and set it free to find its place amongst the stars, or 2) somehow interview interested parties which, to show sincerity, could result in paying for it. bots aren't known for paying for what the consume.

add: i don't know how Towerbots might have evolved since it became part of the Games Pack and i've no details re: your agreement with TGC but, at least for that title, you may have more to consider. maybe it's best to talk to TGC on "all of it" and see if they might have a solution that you find favorable?

either way, it's good to see it all in the sunlight
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Posted: 11th Jun 2023 08:50
@Blendman did you decide to release your games to the community? I would be interested in having a look at them if you do.

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Posted: 26th Jun 2023 14:38 Edited at: 26th Jun 2023 14:51
Go ahead and look at creative commons or other licences.
Based on your requirements I think this licence could be what you're looking for:

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