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AppGameKit Classic Chat / [SOLVED] Problem with Move3DPhysicsCharacterController

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Joined: 16th Feb 2022
Posted: 25th May 2023 02:11
I'm trying to get the character controller to move in the direction of my joystick, but it moves in one direction forever. Here's my code, there are no assets so it should be easy to test in an empty project:

Is there anything I'm doing wrong here?

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Posted: 25th May 2023 02:20 Edited at: 25th May 2023 02:31
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you're constantly telling it to move (at posx/z + joyx/z values).

the command isn't like SetObjectPosition() where you would need to account for it's current position plus any offset, it's a (relative) Move, so, just:

meanwhile, the Physics Demos attached HERE should shed more light.

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