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Code Snippets / [AGK] ChooseSystemFont()

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Posted: 30th May 2023 01:08 Edited at: 30th May 2023 17:32
ChooseRawFile() cannot access Windows System Fonts (ie, C:\Windows\Fonts) while GetRawFolderNumFiles() does enumerate and GetRawFolderFileName() is functional allowing us to build a list of system fonts and load via LoadFont("raw:" + FullPath$)

If there is a native manner that i didn't consider, please advise. Otherwise:

MWheel/[Up|Down] to scroll through/preview font + [Home|End]

Tested Classic V2023.01.16 on WIN10

Note: Fonts located outside of the System folder (including ...\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Fonts) are accessible via ChooseRawFile() otherwise.

Add: could others on other OSs advise if ChooseRawFile() can select a System font and report? ie, is this a win-only issue? (i've tried running as Admin, etc).

And, does the code provided work as expected on other operating systems?


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Posted: 31st May 2023 06:05
The ChooseRawFile is probably the same problem as in FileExplore. While I use the newer FileSelectionBox (IFileOpenDialog) compared to AppGameKit .
The way I found out it should be a Windows-only problem.
When I set a flag in my FileExplore (FOS_ALLNONSTORAGEITEMS) the content of the folder is shown to me in a way.
Not as it is created in the file structure.
It changes its display mode automatically.
The fonts of a font family are grouped together and handled like folders.
However, if you then select a font, not the file name is returned but the font name itself (not 'arial.ttf' but 'Arial Standard').

These are my experiences with this topic.
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