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Raspberry Pi / control Raspberry Pi over wifi using AGK on smart phone

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Posted: 1st Jun 2023 22:53 Edited at: 1st Jun 2023 22:54
Is there some documentation of how to get an AppGameKit to talk to the raspberry pi using wifi or bluetooth using a smartphone?

It would be really nice to control some lights or inventions with a nicely made graphic interface using AppGameKit over wifi or bluetooth

Perhaps a Putty interpreter that I can connect using SSL putty messages to a graphical interface (using AGK) to connect to the pi over wifi?

It is possible to connect everything to bounce replies and requests from a web page, but it seems like overkill
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Posted: 1st Jun 2023 23:47 Edited at: 2nd Jun 2023 00:01
no personal experience but i believe RPi is linux? install the player on it and broadcast to it and you've connected via WiFi.

run the comms example atatched HERE on the Pi + Desktop/other device.

bluetooth is another story as there is no native support.

ah, it looks like a specific Pi player is required? just saw tboy's sticky

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