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Raspberry Pi / Pi4 Export?

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Joined: 14th Dec 2005
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Posted: 10th Jun 2023 22:57 Edited at: 10th Jun 2023 23:13
guys, i don't have a Pi device (or know anything about them except that some love them ) but i've watched a number of threads here struggle to get AppGameKit apps working on Pi4.

i realize TGC adsvertises AGK for Pi with 0-3 support for free while also featuring Pi export for Classic (and not Studio for some reason?).

i see no direct export from within Classic to Pi. so, we're left with downloading the full (200+ mb) Free Pi and using the player there as an "export" option? and, without support for Pi4?

or, building our own player which seems a chore in itself (again, as an "Export" option) and not without it's own issues?

i would love to export some of my stuff to Pi but i see no realistic export option; am i missing something?

don't all Pi devices ship with Linux (a quick google leads me to believe they do). but, the Linux player that ships with Classic (and Studio) aren't compatible?

please enlighten
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Posted: 19th Jun 2023 03:13 Edited at: 21st Jun 2023 01:50
Most Pi devices run Raspian, a Debian Linux build.

However, I've run into issues as of late with the support for Pi4.

I've had previous projects running on Pi 4 quite happily, even though developed on Windows AGKStudio, through the Tier2 build process..

But not any more.

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