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AppGameKit Studio Chat / everything ive learned about using firebase with TIER 1 so far!

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Joined: 26th Jun 2020
Posted: 26th Jun 2023 04:20
i might not know what im doing all the time....most of the time... but im very persistent and im glad to share what i have learned using firebase with agk studio tier1. Im very excited to see what can be done using firebase with tier1 given i was under the impression that i would have to transition to tier2 for a lot of the functionality i wanted in my app. this is my current code for signing up new users with email and password, signing them in , sending and getting database data. i tried to remove most of my project specific code but im confident this will work for anyone who has a firebase real time database at least. ive added as many note in the code as i could to help out and im sure this can be improved upon by someone with more knowledge then me. Please let me know if you find anything i can improve upon

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