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AppGameKit Studio Chat / teir 2 c++ to html5

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Joined: 10th Jun 2012
Posted: 28th Jun 2023 19:09

I'm learning about app game kit studio teir 2.

Can I export it to HTML5?
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Joined: 9th Mar 2015
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Posted: 29th Jun 2023 13:41 Edited at: 29th Jun 2023 13:45
I dont think that is possible directly from C++ with the tools and templates that have been provided to us, as I understand the html5 interpreter reads from the bytecode file which is generated by the compiler which we do not have access to the source and that would be tier1 code anyay

what is needed is a template that compiles the C++ directly with emscripten and looking through the files in both the user Tier2 folder and the AGKLibrary source I do not see any so I think the HTML5 support is strictly for Tier1 projects.

Unless I am missing something or someone writes a wrapper, I dont think its possible as it stands.

EDIT: it is posssible to setup Visual Studio to compile emscripten projects you just need to install the required files, maybe you can then import the AppGameKit code into that but its not something i have experience with ..... try youtubing it
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Posted: 1st Jul 2023 01:27
i know it's been done as PTC describes and since i'd seen a few discussions like this about it (while i have no t2 experience), i'd entered a feature request.

maybe "someday".
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Joined: 24th Oct 2022
Posted: 1st Jul 2023 21:33
Someone made a guide for Raspberry pi but it should also work on other platforms

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