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AppGameKit Studio Chat / [SOLVED] Working on a Tier 1 DBO Importer, having one irritating issue

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Posted: 4th Aug 2023 15:05 Edited at: 4th Aug 2023 18:16
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I've been writing a DBO importer module for AppGameKit, which I'm hoping to be able to share very soon. It's written entirely in Tier 1 so it should be able to be used on any platform.

It's working well so far for static models. But I'm having an issue with certain DBOs, particularly those exported from Mapscape 2. You can see single-pixel wide seams/gaps at the edges of the map geometry (wall corners, etc). It's mainly an issue if you have anything bright in the background, like a daytime skybox. I've attached an image showing the problem (you may need to zoom in to see it).

From my investigations, I've found that vertex positions are ever so slightly off from where they should be. For example, if I have a box that is 32x32x32 with the origin at the center, then the vertex positions will read in from the DBO file at +/-15.9999995 or similar instead of +/- 16.0.

Mapscape DBOs don't show these seams when loaded into DBP though, so perhaps it's down to a difference in OpenGL (or Vulkan, I get the same problem in both) and DirectX?

EDIT: Scratch that, I'm an idiot. It is an issue in DBP as well. I guess it's just a problem with Mapscape generated DBOs. Will just have to work around it somehow. Anyway, Tier 1 DBO importer coming soon


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