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AppGameKit Studio Chat / 360 imagery on an inverted sphere

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Posted: 9th Aug 2023 20:59 Edited at: 9th Aug 2023 21:43
I'm thinking of new ideas and concepts.

I would like to try and develop my own street map idea like Google Street maps, where can add tags in a scene to click on to provide more information about something in the scene.

Am I right in thinking that can be achieved by putting a 360 panoramic pic and attach to an inverted sphere and place character in the centre of the sphere.

Once that's done, can place objects that can pick up or look at using 3d I for information and navigation objects.

The pictures can be provided by a 360 degree camera of some sort .

The pictures can be of a real life abandoned building or for the time being my home lol

And then the adventure begins.

I don't think it be simply to create an inverted sphere - easy
But to a apply the 360 version of the image cause this maybe different to a standard 2D mage made for spheres, a bit like the world map for example

I did this in Unity with crazy results, had to write special shader code to apply to make the image apply just perfect to the sphere, cause the standard way unity applies images made the image have a crazy seam / gap from north and south Polars cause didn't complete the full image properly but unitys shader language is so much different to openGL and don't want to go down shader coding route if I can help it.

Note :the sphere can be as big as 2000, the character will be in the origin 0,0,0

Any thoughts on achieving

Example 360 pic is attached come from free download site I won't use this but shows you what 360 images look like. I will delete from herev straight away if there is an infringement problem.


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Posted: 10th Aug 2023 07:50
For panoramic images you need to use LongLat Spherical Projection in order to map it correctly.
This can either be done during the creation of the object in a 3D App or you can do this mathematically within the App itself be it through UV Coordinates (mesh memblocks) or via a Shader.

Now the difference between GLSL and Unity Shader Language isnt that different, but Unity is more a fragment of the full Shader as there is a lot pre-handled by Unity for you, so you're just focusing on specifically what you want done to the object rather than the full mathematics behind how to handle the rendering of the object as well.

There is on the forums both Cube and Spherical mapping examples, but you'll have to find them as useful stuff tends to get buried quickly

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