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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / load a specific file (.obj, .txt, .zip) on disk on android (/sdcard)

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Posted: 18th Nov 2023 09:33 Edited at: 18th Nov 2023 09:46

when I try to read some files on android, or get its name with getrawfolderfilename(), it's not possible, the file doesn't appear and I can't read them (with opentoread).
On android, I can open external images (png, jpg) or sound (wav, mp3) from the internal disk (from "/sdcard/Documents/"), but not : .txt, .obj, .dae or other kind of file.

Do you know how I can do that ?

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Posted: 18th Nov 2023 14:10

I see that you have hard coded the path to a text file to test

f = opentoread("raw:/sdcard/Documents/myfolder/test.txt")

Is this where it's failing?,

Android is particular to case sensitive folders and filenames

Just something to start diagnosing the issue

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