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Work in Progress / Freeform Space Beta!!!

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Joined: 16th Oct 2002
Posted: 26th Nov 2002 17:12
Freeform Space

Play as a competitive trader, fierce bounty hunter, merciless pirate, honourable bodyguard, daring explorer or even run your own taxi service in this exciting, 3D action space game!

There are five Ships to fly, 14 primary weapons to fire, 10 secondary weapons to blast apart your enemies with, and 40 ship upgrades to aid you in your ambition of becoming the galaxy's most legendary star pilot!

Freeform Space is based on the original classic game Elite, and a sequal to the original Freeform, rocket propelling into the next millenium It has been completely reprogrammed and remodelled from the ground up to create a compelling new game engine to drive the action and provide an all new adrenalin-filled experience!

It is being developed by Pete King of Spectre Software, who is previously responsible for programming Freeform and developing Necrotech!

You can download the beta at
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Joined: 8th Jan 2003
Posted: 8th Jan 2003 11:25
Excellent beta!

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