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Program Announcements / Free Pixel Color Capturer

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Joined: 23rd Sep 2002
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Posted: 3rd Dec 2002 07:21
well, since i cant contribute as yet to actual DBP coding & examples (i hope to get there someday), i still feel inclined to be able to do 'something' for the help i have received in the past here.

i found this little appy on the net & felt like doing some kind of programming where i felt i had accomplished something i have permission to modify this program as how i see needed....even though this was open source i still wanted to contact the original author, which he then gave me permission (again).

anyways, i know that there are a ton of apps similar to this one out on the net, but many users here design their own images, textures, web pages, etc so if you ever see a color somehwere on-screen & would like to know (capture) the RGB, HTML or LONG numbers, this app comes in very handy. i added the ability to COPY the FONT TAGS for HTML (as well as a few more options).

NOTE: if you DO grab this freeby, look at the README file first for my newest instructions & changes.

get the app here:

i do plan on adding a few more extras as i get time, like a magnifying glass & anything else i (or users) think would be useful.

thanx for all your help
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