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The 20 Line Challenge / Dont Fall

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Joined: 13th Jan 2004
Posted: 4th May 2004 18:46
Okay, here's a game I made a few weeks ago. I made it to mess around with 2d. It's probably the worse thing I've ever made. But hey, it's twenty lines! See how many times you "Dont fall"!

For DBC!
Lost in Thought
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Joined: 4th Feb 2004
Location: U.S.A. : Douglas, Georgia
Posted: 5th May 2004 05:14
Need to add a :sync rate command in there limiting speed.

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Joined: 27th May 2004
Posted: 31st May 2004 11:09
It's fine (I don't quite understand the aim of it) but it seems that if on the top platform you bounce about 2cm over the end you go up again

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