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Geek Culture / Hello all

power mousey
User Banned
Posted: 20th Sep 2002 06:02
The Captain has flown in

Bumpy landing ....but hi everybody.

Captain Flash
Years of Service
User Offline
Joined: 27th Aug 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 20th Sep 2002 12:34
Hey Cap'n. How's it going?

Southeast Creations Web Design Service
power mousey
User Banned
Posted: 20th Sep 2002 13:26
Going fine.

First time on this board. My headquarters are over the DBDN forums. I decided to don costume and cape and fly about over at another DBPRO forum board.

Captain Flash

"I respect a thief who admits he can't be trusted"
--the Giant in response to Mister Dinklepuss
in "Abbott and Costello: Jack in the Beanstalk"

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