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The 20 Line Challenge / Dark Crypt

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Joined: 7th Dec 2002
Posted: 14th Dec 2002 06:03
Ok, here's the 20 line game I wrote in regular dark basic:

rem -- Welcome to Dark Crypt by J. Whiddon for the 20 line challenge!
rem -- You were sent to a dark crypt to rescue a damsel in distress taken captive by
rem -- the evil mummies.
rem -- game mechanics:
rem -- The damsel is randomly positioned in the crypt at the start of the game. Every successful
rem -- rescue adds 10 points to your score. Unfortunately the fog will get thicker and your
rem -- movement will get slower everytime you make a rescue. The mummies have the power to walk
rem -- through the walls and may come out at you when least expected.
rem -- The damsel and mummies are white and hard to tell apart, however, the damsel is always stationary.
rem -- The end of the game will come if you make contact with a mummy or you score the maximum
rem -- score of 200 points, whichever comes first.
rem -- good luck!

sync on:load image "floor5s.bmp", 1:load image "wall19s.bmp", 2:autocam off:randomize (timer())
fog on:for i = 0 to 15:load object "l-mummy-move.3ds", 6000+i:position object 6000+i, rnd(600), 0, rnd(600):scale object 6000+i, 500,500,500
next i: make object cube 5000, 10:set object collision on 5000:load object "h-babe-static.3ds",7000:fog distance 160
load music "spooky.mid",1:loop music 1: make matrix 1, 600, 600, 55,55: prepare matrix texture 1,1, 1,1: position matrix 1, 0, 0, -15
position object 7000,rnd(30),0,rnd(30):backdrop on: color backdrop 0:dim map(30,30):position camera 25, 6, 25
hide mouse:open to read 1, "crypt20":for i = 1 to 30:for ii = 1 to 30:read byte 1, map(i, ii)
scale object 7000, 600,600,600:if map(i,ii)>0 then make object cube ((i*30)-(30-ii)), 20:set object collision on ((i*30)-(30-ii)):texture object ((i*30)-(30-ii)), 2:position object ((i*30)-(30-ii)), cubex, 10, cubez
cubex=cubex+20:next ii:cubex=0:cubez=cubez+20:next i
hide object 5000:load sound "evil.wav",1:do:text 10, 0, "Player Score "+str$(score):if upkey()=1 and leftkey()=0 and rightkey()=0 then move camera 2-((score/10)*.1)
if leftkey()=1 then yturn=yturn-6:yrotate camera wrapvalue(yturn)
if rightkey()=1 then yturn=yturn+6:yrotate camera wrapvalue(yturn)
if mummy>15 then mummy=0
inc mummy:play_mummysound=rnd(1300):if play_mummysound=1 then play sound 1
if object collision(5000, 7000)=1 then score=score+10:position object 7000, rnd(30), 0, rnd(30):fog distance (160-score):if score>140 then fog distance 20
if object collision(5000, 5999+mummy)=1 then repeat:text 150, 0, "YOU ARE DEAD! Press -Q- to quit":sync:until inkey$()="q":end
set object to camera orientation 5999+mummy:move object 5999+mummy, -10:for i = 1 to 30:for ii = 1 to 30:if map(i,ii)
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Joined: 7th Dec 2002
Posted: 14th Dec 2002 06:07
It cut it out part of the code, so here is where you can find everything.

There are media files that go with this game.
You can download them and the source code from this URL:

Well, enjoy!


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Joined: 30th Dec 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 30th Dec 2002 21:40
Well, if you just take out:

It would be less than 20!

That's about right!
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Joined: 8th Dec 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 31st Dec 2002 19:20
umm did you read the rules? thought not. rems dont count. and you stack up to 5 commands per line.

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