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The 20 Line Challenge / Space Drive (DBPro)

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Joined: 3rd May 2004
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Posted: 30th Jun 2004 07:35 Edited at: 11th Jul 2004 04:09
In order to use the following code, you will need the 5.4 update or above.

However, andrew11 has given a non condensed version of the code that should work in the older DBPro's. It is bellow this post.


Well, after much thought on the matter, I concluded that Space Drive would be played more if it was in DBPro code. With this in mind, I download the demo of DBPro and started typing away.

After a while, I had managed to completely ruin Space Drive, so I gave up with the conversion.

Then, on that very night, in the irc room #darkbasic, I said hello to 'andrew11' as he stepped in. He then sent me a message asking if I was using a chatbot that said "Hey andrew11" every time that he walked in, the answer was no, I am indeed, sad enough to say hello to anyone...

Anyway, we ended up having a conversation about converting code from DBC to DBPro and somewhere in there, Space Drive. He then offered to convert Space Drive to DBPro for me, to which i said thankyou quite alot.

So, here is the result, there are two versions, both are great.

Up: Increase speed
Down: Decrease speed
Left: Move left
Right: Move right

Version 1:

Version 2:

I hope that you all enjoy them and feedback would be great!
Thanks again andrew11!

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Posted: 30th Jun 2004 08:15 Edited at: 30th Jun 2004 08:26
Here is the origional code before it was condensed.

If you have trouble with the above codes, try this one

disregard source box below

"All programmers are playwrites and all computers are lousy actors" -Anon

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