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Program Announcements / Two player game: Assault

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Posted: 23rd Dec 2002 20:11
Check out this alpha of Combat. The reason why it's posted in the finished projects forum is because we dont intend to do anymore work to it. It's as finished as it will ever be.

It's a 3D, two player death match game. Viewed from a top down perspective in a small arena, you simply run around and shoot the hell out of each other while picking up power-ups. These are:
Combat Rifle
Sawn of Shotgun
Grenade Launcher
Rocket Launcher
Shrapnel Cannon

New audio track

Cool features of the game are:
-Fast paced combat.
-Shrapnel cannon shards and grenade shells bounce round corners.
-Minigun has a rediculous rate of fire.
-Announcer/Commentator vocal effects.
-Detailed sound effects.
-Wicked hard music track (although 7 music tracks were removed to decrease file size).

There are no screenshots available, because even though the graphics are fair, they would be no testament to what the games all about - maximum playability.

Here're the restrictions on spec, so those that dont think they'll be able to run it dont waste their time -
The game is limited to run at 60FPS. It needs 50-70 FPS to have max playability. Any less and it gets a little slow.
With the frame rate limiter off, here's how the game performs on our three test PCs:
P4 2200,512MB,GeForce4MX440 - 280FPS
AMD XP 2100+,512MB,GeForce4MX440 - 260FPS
P3 700,256MB,GeForce4MX420 - 140FPS

Anyone with a half decent PC should be able to play this game. We also tested the low spec PC with a TNT2 Ultra, and it was just playable. We summize a P700 with a TNT2 card or equivilent works out as the minimum playable spec.

I'm still uploading at the time of writing this post. Estimated upload completion time is approximately 23rd December 21:00(GMT). Dont try getting it before then.

Size: 20.6MB

Comments are welcome. You should find this entertaining and playable if you have an evenly matched mate round to shoot at. Critisism and suggestions are fine, but we have no intention (at this time) of continuing this project.


-Fallout (Kontact Software)
Machine: P4 2200, 512MB, GeForce4 64MB, Audigy Platinum

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