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3 Dimensional Chat / .x and .bsp and .pk3

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Joined: 25th Dec 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 26th Dec 2002 00:02
HEHE, gues who got DB Pro for christmas

Just a few Q's

load bsp "world\ikzdm1.pk3","ikzdm1.bsp" -- I believe this line loads the map...but I cant understand how---in the world folder, there is ikzdm1.bsp, but no .pk3 file. And why isnt it "world/ikzdm1.bsp"?

Also, what programs can i use to make .bsp files and .x files. Preferably free as i have no means of paying for them...

Next, im no artist, so where can i get hold of basic skins and sounds etc for my games?

Finally, where is the search button in this forum - i have been looking but cant seem to find it :-(
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Joined: 9th Feb 2003
Posted: 9th Feb 2003 19:00
i think i can answer some of those Q's

dealing with 'LOAD BSP'
"world\ikzdm1.pk3" - changing the directory to 'world', then looking for the ikzdm1.pk3, but does not find it.
"ikzdm1.bsp" - loading the BSP file, which the directory has already been changed to 'world'
--this MAY cause problems on other systems, its better to use this code "LOAD BSP "", "world/ikzdm1.bsp" - this will not look for the PK1 file, only the BSP

i use QuArK 6 for making BSP files, it is an editor for Quake, but is real easy to use. go to to get the file "FREE"

as for X files, is have 3D Canvas Pro, fairly easy to use, however it is not free! i know how you CAN get it for free, but i do NOT support this action.

for skins and sounds, i am as lost as you are!

the search button? dont think they even have one!, which SUCKS, my forum has search!

hope this helped, if you want email me at

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