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3 Dimensional Chat / Loading pre textured .X files

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Joined: 6th Nov 2002
Posted: 26th Dec 2002 16:41
I have just started using DBPro and I am having a little trouble loading 3D models I have made using Cinema 4D SE.

The textures are in the same folder as the models and the models have UV co-ords generated. They loaded fine in DBv1.13.

Any thoughts............PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks in advance.
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Joined: 26th Aug 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 26th Dec 2002 22:32
Cinema 4D can be a pain - I've got 7, but the following should work with SE :

Everything apart from the Generate Mesh option can be ticked - when exporting the .X file, you should have no trouble loading it in DBPro, with textures.

You can export shapes with bhoodiNUT or dirtyNUT textures (for some reason), but you wont get the textures.

Good news everyone! I really am THAT good...
Oh my, yes...

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