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Program Announcements / VIRTUAL INSANITY - Final Release - Competition Announced

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Joined: 3rd Oct 2002
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Posted: 1st Jan 2003 12:09


To celebrate the New Year and the FINAL release of Virtual Insanity I am running a competition.

The first 8 gamers to score 100,000 points and send me their high score file that proves this, will receive a FULL FREE COPY of Virtual Insanity and have their name and score placed permenantly in the Hall of Fame high score table for all future releases for the world to see. (Fame and free stuff - can't be bad ).

The game now has an extended 7 minute time limited demo (the previous only had 2 minutes) so it should be enough time to get your name on the high score - The trick however is to quit the game before you are forced out by the time limit - otherwise you won't get your current score on the high score table (evil laugh)

This new demo is the FULL GAME - yes, THE FULL GAME, all 20 background effects, sounds and levels are active - (the last version only had 5 effects active), however I kept in a time limit to encourage the world to buy the full release without the time limit kickout.

20 levels to complete the game (you won't need to complete 20 to get the score tho'), picked randomly from a pool of 80 and increasing in difficulty as you progress, so the game is NEVER the same twice (more evil laughs). This makes the replay value very high. Tell your friends, show your workmates/schoolmates - get them to enter the competition.

So , enjoy, and the first 8 of ya (which will be announced here and on the other DB forums) will be receiving their FREE COPY as soon as you get that high score file emailed to me (the file is named Blank.hsc and is in your root of wherever you install Vi)

Closing date for entries is the 31st January 2003 and the highest 8 scores (yes EIGHT ) (if no one meets the 100,000 target) will still receive the free copies on that date, so it's worth going for regardless.

Pincho and Multi already have FREE copies of VIRTUAL INSANITY on its way to them for their extensive and rapid beta testing (thanks again )


When submitting your high score file, feel free to let me know what system you are running on - it helps for future releases and level packs to know how well its performing - thanks.

TOP TIP! - play it on INSANE difficulty for the Highest Bonuses and COMBO step+time bonuses

email entries to:
still falling out of my binary tree most evenings (hicup!)
Shadow Robert
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Joined: 22nd Sep 2002
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Posted: 2nd Jan 2003 17:48
just been checking the demo out...
gotta say, there has been some sweet work put into this.
Thoroughly enjoyable (^_^)

if this goes retail soon, i'm wondering who's your publisher because i couldn't see one on the site

Anata aru kowagaru no watashi!

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