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DLL Talk / Does a tutorial for Dev-Cpp exist ?!

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Joined: 27th Nov 2002
Posted: 11th Oct 2004 04:24
I've been looking for a tutorial explaining how to make DLLs with Dev-Cpp for about thirty minutes and didn't found anything. The only one I found was for VC++.
Not everybody has enough money to buy VC++, and one has to know well C++ to use this tutorial with Dev-Cpp...
... A tutorial should be for the ones who don't know well, doesn't it ?

So, do you think someone will write a tutorial for Dev-Cpp, or should all the people who want to make DLLs crack VC++ ? I really hate warez, crackers and all the things like that, but I think many people may have to do that in order to follow the tutorial...

Please, I beg you, tell me I won't have to do something illegal !

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Joined: 29th Sep 2004
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 11th Oct 2004 04:58
I have been looking for one as well.

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Joined: 21st Aug 2003
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Posted: 11th Oct 2004 05:25
IanM might have something as hes done a few DevC things...

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Posted: 11th Oct 2004 05:41
I have no tutorials, but I do have an example and configuration instructions within my Interface library.

The standard tutorial should be enough as long as you follow the instructions on getting the function name for the resource strings, and don't just use the function name within Lees doc.

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