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FPSC Classic Product Chat / hmmm just imagine the possibilities....

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Joined: 6th May 2004
Location: NYC
Posted: 25th Oct 2004 01:39 Edited at: 25th Oct 2004 01:41
If this program turns out to be what i think it is, you guys definitely have my money. I looked at the movie in the newsletter and was amazed with the flexibility and overall efficiency that is placed within this program. I was stunned to say the least. If u think about it, you take this program, and take a bunch of talented individuals that know how to model, texture and have good knowledge of scripting and coding, heck even if they dont have alot of coding knowledge the visual detail, combining the drag and drop technique of this program is to say the least jaw dropping. I already think I am going to use FPS creator to do my Chaos In Mogadishu game, since most my time is helping big brother_2000uk in snow island. I am not saying I am phenomonally talented in modeling( but up definitely upthere in the echelons almost he he) but i can say with a str8 face that I am going to go nuts with this program if at all possible cause u gotta love that ability to put in prefabs, and the fact i can make my own prefabs.? Prefabs, custiomizable AI,and SCripting! OH MY!!gonna be losing some sleep at my house. lol.ALmost too good to be true. alot of people say it detracts from the hardcore programming flexibility of DBpro that any schmo can make a game. I say not so, it still takes, determination, sweat, hardwork to really push the envelope of any program,(which hasnt really been done with darkbasicpro in my opinion but then again not everyone is a hardcore programmer,modeler,texture artist rolled into one) it all comes down to the person or persons who are developing the game, whether its to go commercial or in my case to demo for a job in the future. possibilities are endless, so with that i end my babbling, all i got to say is when this thing goes gold, i think its safe to say we gonna see alot of fantastic projects break the mold.

id definitely come to the UK convention in support for this program but dotn have money like that so ill support from the good old US of A New York City. keep up the good work guys I await to get my hands on your program and break it in.
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Joined: 22nd Oct 2004
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Posted: 25th Oct 2004 11:56
I would agree. I fact this kind of RAD engine is sadly lacking from the indie dev scene and whats its been crying out for.

Congartulations to the developers are in order for taking this bold step.

Given future forecast development of features to come in further versions and some talented use this should go gold for them and put a powerful tool in the hands of engine users who have been until now to some extent handcuffed. Some excellent examples of its use in practical gamemaking I am sure will follow.

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