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FPSC Classic Product Chat / tools for folks like me

Dr Evil
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Joined: 3rd Nov 2003
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Posted: 26th Oct 2004 21:35 Edited at: 26th Oct 2004 21:42
i was just wondering. has anyone heard anything about FPSC coming with export plugins for 3d apps. or is it just gonna be able to load .X files? i will probably just have to use what ever method i use to get models and animations into DBPro,eh?
oh well, this thing looks pretty stinkin' sweet and it doesn't matter what i will have to do to get my stuff into it. where there's a will there's a way.

oh and to the guys working on FPSC= if you need any 3D models for this, i know that around crunch time things get hectic in the art dept. i would be willing to lend my talents at very reasonable rates. just send me an Email.

i've included some low poly examples. the guy is around 1300 polys or so.
Below is a link to my web page. you can check out my gallery and reel if you like.


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Retired Moderator
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Posted: 26th Oct 2004 22:05
It currently loads X files only, so you shouldn't need new export plugins for your modelling apps.

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Posted: 29th Jan 2005 18:28
What tools will it come with , I have not seen a list of what it does , exa - can you do out door worlds . I hope it not like 3d gamemaker , you could not use your own stuff . what does it import , export , file format supported . I seen lots of sizzle but no meat . Some one tell us .

Keep not your blind eye . Open your heart to what is offered .For YOU are not the final judge . bigH.

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