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Joined: 17th Dec 2002
Posted: 5th Jan 2003 20:01
hello again
is there a way to edit darkbasic functions? like if i wanted to edit print command or the input would i do that
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Joined: 15th Oct 2002
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Posted: 5th Jan 2003 23:32
U cant edit the functions within darkbasic itself without changing the .dll files in it. The best way of doing what you say is to use functions. for example:

NB: This will only work with DBP (i think, I didnt know bout this until I got DBP anyway so I dunno if it will work in DBC )

You would put that code after you're main loop like so:

get the idea?

BTW, any variables within a function do not apply to the rest of the prog, ie a variable like 'x#' will not be affected by a variable called 'x#' in the function

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