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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Will there be a demo game that is made in fpsc ?

The Nerd
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Joined: 5th Jun 2004
Location: Denmark
Posted: 1st Nov 2004 00:35

i wanna ask if there is going to be a demo game ready so i can see how a game made in it really is.
so is there a demo game avaible for download somewhere?

The Nerd

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Rob K
Retired Moderator
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Joined: 10th Sep 2002
Location: Surrey, United Kingdom
Posted: 1st Nov 2004 01:33

BlueGUI:Windows UI Plugin - All the power of the windows interface in your DBPro games.
Richard Davey
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Joined: 30th Apr 2002
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Posted: 1st Nov 2004 18:26
Not yet, but there will be eventually, yes.

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- Oscar Wilde

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